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Spotlight Groove Productions is a full-service entertainment company specializing in Asian American Wedding with English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese speaking DJs and EMcees.

Spotlight Groove Productions is the preferred choice for the most Asian American wedding clients. Knowing that every client and every crowd is uniquely different, Spotlight Groove Productions specifically and carefully custom designs the music for each event. We work closely with each special client to discover their favorite music styles, preferred artists and songs.

Spotlight Groove Productions prefers a high energy dance experience. It is our purpose to have every guest on the dance floor. Reading the crowd is essential. We combine an eclectic mix of classic hits and current top 40 radio favorites to appeal to every guest regardless of their musical taste, age or style. The music never stops! We take no breaks! We want our guests dancing all night! We also realize the importance of bringing elegance and balance to each event. We never blast music that is so loud that guests are left feeling uncomfortable. We adjust our energy as guests are seated so that they can enjoy their conversation and resume dancing after dinner.

or events that are designed with only dancing in mind, our DJs bring a non-stop, high energy experience for the full event to the point of rave like experiences. We understand the importance of excellence and a flawless execution. It is the attention to details, the artistry and refinement that sets the standard. It is always our aim to exceed all expectations as we set our sights at being the best for every client.

We provide custom lighting design with LED wall uplights, custom monogram GOBO projection, intelligent lighting, and pin spots. In addition, we also provide photo booth, white dance floor, custom drapery, cold sparklers, and low-lying fog (dancing on the cloud) services.

Meet our team

Whether it be rocking a crowd of 20 or 2000, Jonsen has never left a dance floor empty in the past 15+ years. Jonsen started DJing college parties and formal events while attending UCSB as a freshman. His music knowledge ranges from big band swing of the 1920s to the latest club hits. Fluent in English and Cantonese, proficient in Mandarin.

DJ Jonsen

With over 15+ years of experience as a Radio Personality on AM1430 and a wedding Emcee, Howard will sure leave a lasting impression on you and your guests with his humor, energy, and candidness. Howard is fluent (read and write) in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Emcee Howard aka Lau Chuen Fung

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Emcee Wasbi, DJ Stan

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Fully Insured


We Have 15+ Years In The Wedding Industry

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We Have 15+ Years In The Wedding Industry

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